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Maxwell Render Plugin Archicad 16 Free




Render presets {#sec:render-presets} Maxwell includes three [render presets]( built from different defaults, which can be applied to an [.xr file]( or [XR scene]( For each render preset, Maxwell will create a 3D model (`*.mesh`) and a [visualisation]( (`*.viz`) which can be opened in the 3D application of your choice. To create an.xr scene, go to **File** - **New** and select a render preset or a combination of presets and then click **Save**. The presets are: * * - **Default** – Lightweight presets, suited for quick and light visualisations or interactive content in .xr - **Maxwell** – A high-performance preset for .xr - **Maxwell Cloud** – A high-performance preset for .xr on cloud service - **ARRA** – A .ar preset. (Automatic Rendering Robot) Note that these presets will only render .xr scenes that have been rendered before using a preset. To **create an .xr scene** or **work on an existing .xr scene**, use the **+** button in the main viewport or the **File** menu.




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Maxwell Render Plugin Archicad 16 Free

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